How did it start and why?

BIG Talks is a collection of motivational and inspirational speakers sharing their stories in secondary schools. 

When founder Nahla Summers walked 500 miles from Swanage to Gretna Green, asking people to support her yearly Sunshine People challenge by doing an act of kindness for a stranger, she visited schools along the way to share a short talk on how  kindness changed her life. The response was astounding.

It became clear that there was a drought of first-hand stories of connection and inspiration. Nahla thought, 'If we could set up events where those willing to give up 20 minutes of their time could inspire our next generation with their stories, we could make a real difference.'

To deliver real, inspiring stories to motivate young people, Nahla set up a series of bespoke speaker events. Each event, held at a different school, brings 4-6 speakers together to share their stories with young people, parents and the wider community.


Each talk is filmed and posted on YouTube for subscribed schools to access at any time, anywhere. The talks can then be used in themed assemblies and lessons.  We will provide 40 - 60 talks a year for our subscribed schools. 

Inspiration comes from those willing to share

Nahla Summers